1/21/2017 – Warhammer 40k Narrative Event

This event will decide the fate of the Iolos System, as players attempt to take, hold, and sabotage strategic points to win control of the system.

Each player will create two army lists – a 1500 point Primary and 200 Point Kill Team army. Players will be randomly divided into two teams, and take part in both attacker and defender missions. More information on army composition and format can be found here.

The Event will be four rounds, two primary, two kill team.

No prizes are awarded based on team performance, this is only used to track who is attacker and defender at each strategic point.

Missions can be found here.

We will also use the ITC FAQ for this, found here.

Note that the Games Workshop FAQ will NOT be used unless ITC has approved it at least two weeks before the event. All GW Errata published up to two weeks before the event will be in play.

Please be here no later than 10 AM for registration. Dice roll at 10:30.

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