Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Event – 9/20/14


The Arvard Ardboyz will be hosting a Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Event as detailed below. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, and we look forward to seeing you for the event.

WHAT: Warhammer 40,000  Doubles Event
WHEN: Saturday September 20th 2014.  11:00am – 8:00pm  Doors open at 10:00am
WHERE: Pandemonium Books and Games: 4 Pleasant St., Cambridge, MA
COST:  $30.00 Per Team, $20.00 if a member of the Arvard Ardboyz is part of your team.

There will be two players per team and this event will be capped at 14 Teams. Teams are encouraged to pre-register as space may not be available if over 14 teams.

To Pre-register, send an email to arvardardboyztourney@gmail.com

WHAT TO BRING: Each player needs to bring a fully painted army, codex, dice, tape measure, templates (if needed), and something to transport the army between Rounds. The Team needs to bring 3 copies of it’s list. This can be 3 copies of one list that has both players Army choices, or each player can bring 3 copies of their own list.

Rule Books:
The Warhammer 40,000 SEVENTH Edition Rules will be used.

The following is a list of legal army choices:
Codex: Blood Angels
Codex: Chaos Daemons
Codex: Chaos Space Marines
Codex: Grey Knights
Codex: Dark Angels
Codex: Dark Eldar
Codex: Eldar
Codex: Astra Militarum
Codex: Necrons
Codex: Orks
Codex: Space Marines
Codex: Space Wolves
Codex: Tau Empire
Codex: Tyranids
Codex: Adepta Sororitas
Codex: Militarum Tempestus
Codex: Inquisition

Fortifications: Aegis Defense Line. No other Fortifications will be used for this event.
Lords of War and  Escalation will not be allowed for this event.

All **allowed codex** supplements and dataslates will be allowed in this event unless otherwise noted.  You will need to have  those rules onhand during the event however.

** Each Team is required to have 3 copies of it’s army list: (1 copy for the organizer, 1 copy for itself, and 1 copy to show the opponent team)  Each team’s army list will be checked and verified during Round One of the event. If any Team is found to have a list that is ILLEGAL, the Event Organizer will address the matter after Round One is completed, AND determine if the results of that Team’s Round One outcome needs to be adjusted. If a Team that  has an Illegal army list is unable to correct it by the start of Round Two, that Team will be disqualified from the remainder of the event.


*  Each player must bring a BATTLE-FORGED army consisting of 1250 points, in accordance with these rules.

*  Armies may be constructed from a maximum of 2 Detachments (as defined in the 40K BRB), no more than one of which may be a CAD.

*   Detachments may be produced from a maximum of ONE codex/ codex supplement.

Selected units that alter Force Organization selections WILL affect all other detachments from the same codex within a single player’s army list. For example, a Space Marines Master of the Forge allows all detachments using Codex Space Marines to take Dreadnoughts, Venerable Dreadnoughts and Ironclad Dreadnoughts as Heavy Support choices as well as Elites choices.

For this event, each player’s army comprises one half of a coalition. There is no sharing of codex rules outside of their own individual detachments (if any) between the two coalition armies.

***   All models must follow “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG). All weapons, war gear, and so forth must be represented on the model unless otherwise approved by the Organizer.


There will be three  2.5 hour rounds. A 45 minute break after Round One for lunch, and a short break between round Two and Three. We will begin at 11:00am or sooner if everyone is ready, and the event will wrap up between 8:00-8:30pm.


*   The Arvard Ardboyz Games Workshop Events are considered Total-Hobby-Events. This means the weight of scores is distributed among several categories that include all aspects of Warhammer 40,000 participation. Scoring is available in the following categories:

– Sportsmanship, Army Appearance, Battle Points, Army Composition, Bonus Points

– This is an important category for Ardboyz events. Our events are meant to be a pleasant interaction of the opposing teams to bring the Warhammer 40,000 universe to life for a few hours while playing a game at a somewhat more than casual level. Having a good time playing a challenging match is what it’s about.   The scoring for this assumes that each Team  will score perfectly each Round by defaulting a basic score.  But if an occasion does arise that an opponent displays exceptionally well done sportsmanship, or obviously poor sportsmanship; players can mark that after each Round. Marking a team for bad Sportsmanship though will require an explanation and review by the Event Organizer.

– Having a fully painted army to deploy, and to square off against in a match, goes a long way to immersing oneself in the moment of the experience while playing. Ardboyz events score an army’s appearance in three ways:
1) The majority of the points are scored on objective observation. Examples: are all of the models painted? are all of the models based? is there unit insignia?  This type of scoring covers the minimum that can generally be done to an army to get it ‘tabletop ready’.
2)  Just like in sportsmanship though, there is room for participants to earn extra points by presenting an army that goes beyond satisfying the basics and brings forth detailed examples of the modeler’s craft.   Examples:  does the army contain conversions or extensive kit-bashing? does the army show consistent use of intermediate to advanced techniques such as dry-brushing, line highlighting, weathering or seamless decaling?  does the army have stand-out centerpieces or scratch built models or sculpts?  This type of scoring gives those participants who go a little further extra points for bringing more to the table.
3)   This last type of scoring is completely subjective and will only apply to up to 3 Armies. It asks the person judging all of the army’s that day to pick the 3 armies they think have been presented in the most talented  way.

**  It is also important to note that as this event is a Doubles Event, the army appearance scores will be combined into one TEAM SCORE. As such, teams can earn extra points by modeling a common theme for their armies, building a unified display board, or otherwise presenting the Team’s armies as being visually combined  in some way that goes beyond just setting up next to each other.

– The most straight forward of the points earned. What a Team scores from the games played.

–  For those that may be unfamiliar with Army Composition, this is an older category that has often been left behind in recent years by newcomers to the Games Workshop event scene; but still has a place in Arvard Ardboyz events.  Army Composition as it is used by the Ardboyz is a way to recognize and reward players who choose an army list that combines several technical considerations while adhering to a primary principal of construction:
Technical Considerations:  How well does my army represent  a typical everyday force in the 40K universe?  Is my army designed to handle any mission, or is it designed to fight to the bitter end? Is my army meant to do one thing, or is it well suited to a multitude of evolving  tactics? Is my army easy to use or does it require a skilled player to make the most of it?

Primary Principal:   Will this army be fun for me to play AND fun for my opponent to face?

–  Army Composition is an artistic category that ultimately rewards players for playing an army that is geared toward a challenging match rather than a crushing victory. The goal is to make a list that is neither too weak to win, or meant simply to overwhelm an opponent, but provide a platform for both sides to have an even chance of winning or losing based on player tactics rather than solely on the perceived statistical qualities of the selected units. To  face an opponent who’s tactics will determine who makes the most of a 50/50 split in odds at the start of the game rather than trying to hedge your odds to the maximum before the game begins.
–   As for how this is scored; the higher the odds are in your favor that you will win a match based on your army selection; the lower your Army Composition score will be. The actual score will be determined by taking the higher of two scores:  the score given by the Event Organizer vs. the score given by the opponent’s you face. Each team will receive the higher of those two scores.

– Bonus points will be available by various means throughout the event. These are To Be Determined and will be made known on the day of the event. Things like a Pub Quiz, special objectives, player votes, etc….  Though everyone will have a chance to earn bonus points, they are not defaulted points as in the other categories. Generally bonus points are few in number, but can make the difference between teams that are  just shy of each other in the standings.

PRIZES TO BE AWARDED  (all prizes are team prizes as this a Doubles event)

*  BEST OVERALL:  The team with the highest combined score of all categories. (there may be a 2nd
place, 3rd place, etc… depending on turnout)
*  SPORTSMANSHIP:  The team with the highest Sportsmanship score
*  ARMY COMPOSTION:  The team with the highest Army composition score
*  ARMY APPEARENCE:  The team with highest appearance score
*  BEST GENERALS:   The team with the highest Battle points score

Thanks for checking it out and we hope to see you there.

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