Warhammer 40k Trios Tournament – 10/8/16

Each team is comprised of 3 players, who each must have two different army lists prepared, 1000 and 1850 points.
There will be 3 rounds, in each round two teams will be matched against each other. One player per team will be selected to play an 1850 game by themselves, while the other two will play a 2v2 team game. Each player will play one single and two 2v2 games during the tournament.
Prizes will be awarded based on team wins/losses, team theme, and individual painting score.

This tournament will use the NOVA FAQ and format.

We will use the additional NOVA Trios FAQ, rules, and missions as well.
Additional NOVA Trios Info:

Unlike the NOVA format, we will NOT allow Horus Heresy/30k Army Lists and units. Any such units that have a 40k datasheet will be allowed in their 40k forms.

We will also be changing the following 3 psychic powers from the Angels of Death supplement:

Shifting Worldscape – Models moved with the terrain count as moving in the preceding movement phase and may not charge.
Phase Form – The targeted unit may ignore cover OR line of sight, chosen each time the power is successfully cast.
Electrodisplacement – A unit may not charge after being moved by electrodisplacement.
Traitor’s Hate has introduced 3 spells that are functionally identical to these, and they are changed in exactly the same manner.

Entry fee is $20 per player, or $15 for Ard Boyz members in good standing.

Please be here no later than 10:30. Dice roll at 11.


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