WFB Vanguard Clash Tournament Results


And the results are in!  The winners of the Vanguard Clash Round Robin tournament are as follows:

1st – Anthony – Chaos Dwarfs
2nd – Andy – Beastmen
3rd – Ian (AI) – Warriors of Chaos
4th – Edward – Norse

Thanks to everyone who came and participated in the event, whether you played every week, or only got one game in, I hope you had fun participating.  I think this was a great trial run of these round robin rules and I think we’ll be able to run more month-long tournaments of every size going forward.

If you have comments, concerns, or suggestions about how this tournament was structured or run, please leave them here.  Some notes from myself are that I’d like to extend the finals to two weeks to allow for a bigger bracket and more people involved, and I need to remember to keep announcing the event details throughout the month so that no one is surprised when the finals hit. (Aapologiesto Dom and that Bretonnian player whose name is escaping me right now.)

Hope you all had fun, lets do it again sometime.

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